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Mrs. Karla Ludemann 

7 months ago

Canvas class



Personal Finance

Canvas class


Canvas class

Work Skills

Canvas class

Introduction to Business



Future Business Leaders of America

Canvas class

Web Design

Canvas class

Video Editing

Canvas class


Mrs. Finn English

about 1 year ago

By Mrs. Finn

The winners of the American Dream essay contest.
American Dream Essay Judges Blurb

Mr. Patterson English

about 1 year ago

By Micheal Patterson

A Balanced and Interactive Classroom. 

Mr Patterson's Classroom strives to inspire and involve all of his students so that they can be the best versions of themselves. With readings from the classics to modern hits, a wide range of literary diversity is covered. Writing is also a core unit in Mr. Patterson's class room, Group writing assignments and presentations help writers realize their potential and assets  with the help of their fellow peers. Mr. Patterson makes every child feel as though they need to succeed, not because of any punishment, but for the own standards he makes them realize for themselves.

The Cafe

Fresh roasted coffee, exclusive teas & light meals

Mrs. Darrow Fourth Grade

about 1 year ago

By Mindy Darrow

Mrs. Darrow

Welcome to 4th grade.  I love the beginning of school.  I am excited to get to know everyone of my students better.  I am excited to be your teacher. 

Wyoming History

Wyoming is a great place to hang your hat.  I love all the great opportunities Wyoming offers for learning every day.  I look forward to seeing what you already know about our great state of Wyoming. 


If you don't already love reading, I hope to make that change.  I am excited to see what you have been reading over the summer.  Are you ready to share?

My teaching philosophy is very simple.  I believe in running a classroom like a community, a community of caring learners.  I want each student to take responsibility for his or her own learning.  Students come to school to learn and grow as a person.  I want learning growth to be the top priority in our classroom.  We will build our classroom rules together as a class to provide student ownership.  Our rules will focus on respect for ourselves, respect for others, and respect for our community.  I base my classroom philosophy on Responsive Classroom, Quantum Learning, and thinking with a Growth Mindset.  I have reading materials for all three programs if you are interested in finding out more about these classroom management programs.  I believe all students can learn and thrive given the correct opportunity.  My goal is to help provide this opportunity.

Mrs. White's First Grade

about 1 year ago

By Kasi White

Upton First Grade

Mrs. White

We will be wearing our gold t-shirts the first day of every week.

Welcome to First Grade!